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1. Ballyhoo Days

Sitting at the stage door of the Palace; Looking down the alley two ways; One way takes my mind back home to Alice; The other to my ballyhoo days; There was a time my name had swept the nation; But no...

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2. Bones

Sometimes this world is so cruel; I can´t understand; Always looking for reasons; To fiz some tragedies; Bones talks with me; Bones makes me feel alive; My body is like a rock; Trying to find a trace;...

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3. I Just Wanna Drink

I don't wanna talk; I don't wanna walk; I don't wanna understand baby; I just wanna drink; I just wanna dance all night long; With my baby, with my baby; And I just wanna dance; With my baby; I just w...

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4. Road Warrior

I was born in Gaspar Lopez; In 1968; Twenty years on the road; And I will never gonna stop; My life is like a profecy; Cus I´m a road warrior; Now I only sing this song; There´s no place to call home;...

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5. The Power Of Love

Here I am; Because of you; In the name of love; I´m so tried to walk alone; In the darkness of this road; I just wanna talk to God; Of my plans and allmyh desires; My confession and all my mistakes; M...

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