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1. Against Destiny

Another failure triumphs over my good intentions; And again I smash my head against a wall of rejections; Aims that die so easily are looking like the devil's revelry; I cannot forever go astray; This...

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2. Atomic Bomb Dome

Faces erased by light; Endless cries in the night; Mindless men created our pain; Like a view from an insane brain; On 6th of August 1945 they dropped; The bomb and they crossed the; Line of human law...

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3. Awakening (1000 Days In Coma)

Voice - voice from beyond the wall of sleep; It calls me and in my dream it stops my breath; In this coma I've been trapped for too long; That I've lost myself to say what is right or what is wrong; A...

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4. Entrapment Of Time

To see the unseen; And measure the pain; With eyes wide open; Dreaming again; Changing your feelings is; Changing your thoughts; Will you continue fighting; The way that you fought; Changing the alter...

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5. Preordained Game

Is it madness to be alive? Or life is a miracle that is worth to strive; It breeds fear it fills with doubt, it makes me feel that I can’t make it out; No words of wisdom will ever say if I might have...

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6. The Drifter

Hide; In the darkest time of life; With precision search and choose the perfect line; As there’s nothing there and no one will survive; The empty roots ahead are waiting; Chorus:; Change of faith brea...

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