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1. Code Of Life

Technology a gross manifestation; Quest for power, an endless temptation; The decline of man, an abomination; The altar of greed, the perfect consummation; The code of life lives only to survive; Wors...

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2. Day Of Reckoning

Like a message in a wicked dream, disaster comes from afar; In a vision like you've never seen, the prophet wears the scar; The sun will turn into darkness and the moon will be covered in blood; Day o...

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3. Kill The Machine

The masses consumed by this culture of greed; Enslaved by a ravenous breed; Industrial ties, corporate disguise; Society lies at their feet; Oh, Kill the Machine; Oh, Kill the Machine; A global agenda...

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4. Open Your Eyes

If the eyes are the window to the soul; Then the life that you lead is a mirror showing you; You must find the way; You, alone, must make the change; You've got to open your eyes and realize; You've g...

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5. Retribution

Running from your life there's no escape; Emptiness and anguish fill this never ending void; Condemned to a brutal place, adapting to survive; All you know is left behind, your shadow lost in time; Th...

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6. Soul Survivor

Calling out to Earth; I know something is terribly wrong; No contact, no transmission; No signs of life to tell me what's going on; Washed upon the shore; I'm staring across the wasteland; Dark skies,...

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7. Standing

People of the World; Rise up hear my words; You are the one who must carry the cross; You are the one to defy your masters; Breaking the spell you were cast into; Shatter the mold you were forced to b...

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8. The Endless Beginning

Sail across the heavens, the cross of the divine; Document the ages and leave them all behind; Searching for the meaning, the ashes turn to clay; The silence must be broken, those who know do not say;...

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9. The Fool's Theme

Empty and surreal, this ceaseless domain; Nothing here is what it seems; The teacher exposed, a master to a slave; Level upon level to obtain; The blind will be leading the blind; The battle controlli...

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10. We Are One

We have ignored all the signs; Humanity has lost its way; The power is within us to turn back the tide; And liberate ourselves if we can unite; This is the war that we must fight! The old way is dead;...

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