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1. Maker Of Miracles

Virgin birth, perfect life; Falsely blamed and crucified; Christ alone, the sacrifice; Fully paid my sins price; You still give sight to the blind; Heal the broken and provide; Yes, I believe you're t...

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2. Our God Lives

The hope of all the world hung; With bleeding sides and piercèd lung; The savior of the nations come; Jesus Christ, the Father's son; He stayed the cross until He died; Dripping blood, eternal life; B...

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3. Savior, Crucified

Blood of the christ spilled on a tree; Pours through the space between a sinner and king; I was the one who failed your name; Taking for granted my savior's pain; But your grace reaches deeper than my...

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4. Shadow Of The Steeple

We're stuck in complacency; We clock in once a week; The same routine; Some people put up a façade; Get by on a friendly nod; While inside hurting; We've been commanded to serve; We've been commanded ...

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5. Shout Your Love

God, hear this praise we're singing; We need the the love you're bringing; Open the heavens, let your love pour down; We're gonna shout your love to all that will listen; Praise you without condition;...

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6. Sound The Alarm

We are soldiers and saints; Marching on our way; Under light of the streets; With an urgent pace; We will fight to bring light; To the darkest of places; No, we won't waste this time; Sound the alarm ...

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7. Undignified

We were created only for you and for your glory; Your love set us free; Our lives are for your pleasure and not for man to measure; Who we're meant to be; Every minute counts and today we choose to; T...

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8. You Are Joy

Through life I've seen storms will come and go; You promise me I'm not alone; When my faith is weak and I've fallen to my knees; I find you are all I need, all I need; You are love, you bring healing ...

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