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1. Damnation

Deep in this darkened tomb; The demons begin their wake; And army of the dead; Summoned back to life; Your soul they will not take; Your fate has been sealed; With blood; It cannot be undone; Now that...

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2. Dead By Dawn

Deadly disease flows through their veins; Skin and bones begin to change; Flesh rots, nerves decay; All hope slowly fades away; Infected by a single bite; Terminal, No reason to fight; Disruption of c...

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3. Face To Face

Terror, this emotion it needs; Silenced, the voice draws near; Control, is what it seeks; Authority, over the weak; Damaged I give in; Reality slips away; Don’t try to deny me; I feel it control me; I...

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4. Infernal

Trapped below the earth; I begin to fear; The Cries of the damned; All around I hear; A lifetime of cruelness and hatred; Forever seals my fate; A bloodline of Greed, Regret; For now it is too late; Y...

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5. Life Unworthy Of Life

A broken country in transition; Rose up to try and rule all nations; Seduced by skilled fanatics; This peace pact never lasted; Ruled by a wave of terror; Eternal hell lasted forever; Brainwashed to b...

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6. Silence = Death

Silenced and; Blindfolded; Take a look around; Human rights are; Stripped away; Without a sound; Gay/Bi/Lesbian; Have no rights; As humans; Rights expelled; From the; Right Wing Factions; Just another...

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7. The Result

Who gave you the right; To control a womyns body; To tell her what to do; Not have the right to choose; Don't give wimmin a choice; And won't teach your kids in school; Forbid Sex, Forbid Life; No Con...

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8. War Ensemble

Enola Gay / Out of the sky; Drops the Bombs / Lives annihilated; Hiroshima / Nagaski; Innocent lives / Taken away; Nazi scum / Chambers of gas; 6 Million dead / some still deny it; Genocide / Of the J...

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9. Warpath

Ride with the lightning; This is our fate; Earth is burning; Charred and desolate; Hate turns brother on brother; We race towards our final hour; Missiles reign from a burning sky; The people scream t...

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