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1. Bridges

In the darkness I unravel; New truths I have suffered; For so long to embrace; They will change me from here on; But I can't share it with anyone; I wish you were here with me tonight; When I am not a...

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2. Echoes

I think of mornings we might spend; If I came home to find you there; Both talking freely of ourselves; Or sleeping through the break of day; And so much honesty; That's why I never feel the pain; And...

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3. Faces

I want to be master of my own; Emotions with a fire that fills me; But I don't understand myself and I don't know; I don't know what my heart is anymore; I don't want to be standing in this war; Throu...

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4. Footprints

I am not feeling the green burning flame, As I gaze back along footprints you have made. ; And I am not dreaming of more than you have shown. You are not a foundation, You are not a stone. ; But I'm a...

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5. How Can It Happen?

I just can't let it happen; I can't let it fall away; But my heart keeps on saying that there isn't any way; Apprehension overshadows hope of my sole desire; I look at you and ask myself "How can you ...

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6. The Face That Never Dies

When I am alone the anguish begins; Opening scars that never heal; Torturing myself with visions of you and wishing that; I could be there. ; People have told me it's time to move on - how can I; move...

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7. The Strength To Dream

Lately I feel I'm going under, And sometimes I don't want to see tomorrow. All I need is to hold the dream, just to touch the; dream, Can it ever happen? Oh, your true sincerity, your kindness, means ...

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8. Watching From A Distance

Sometimes when I watch you; You seem like the same person that I once knew; And watch from a distance; But never able to do more than I ever would; Looking at you; I find again I am starving in your m...

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