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1. Disgrace

You painted a perfect future, forgetting all your lies; Your future now's a shit, you'll never make me cry; My fears don't scare me no more, now they're haunting you! I'm happy to be with you, I'm ple...

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2. My Murder Style

You're so coward, screaming and crying. Soon You'll die, this is a fact; I can see your face bleeding and your eyes are full of fear... And tears; I hate you, I want to kill you. Your fear is so great...

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3. R.i.p

All the lies you said, all your menaces; Will be forgoten and faked; What are they trying to do? All this sadness is so folly; Feelings dying; Tears or lies? Tears falling in vain; Will it ever be the...

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4. Seven

This world you've created, makes me scorn you! All your fake makes me burn! You thought you could cheat me but now it's my turn! There is nothing left for all you did and all you've told; Now we're in...

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