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1. Alone

I hear the ticking of the clock; I'm lying here, the room's pitch dark; I wonder where you are tonight; no answer on the telephone; and the night goes by so very slow; oh, I hope that it won't end tho...

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2. Dawn

You think your life is gone. There is no reason to be. Thinking all the time that same thing:; "What am I doing here?"; Stop thinking like that! Get yourself together; Or I shall kick that shit out of...

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3. Devil's Mistress

Don't ask for the reasons why; I will turn every truth into a lie; I am sinful by nature; I have no regret, I only aim to please; You are looking for sympathy; Dim the lights, feeling only the breeze;...

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4. Down To None

Down to None; Bow down to no one; Bow down to none; Straight down; Been going; Been sleepwalkin’; In a violent haze; This world; In ruin; The chain shackles; Like a foul disease; Bow down to no one; B...

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5. Fire Within

I can't take it anymore; So this is the end; Cam you feel my fire; That is burning within? I have broken every chain; That you have put me in; I am free, so now it's; Time to let it begin; They're not...

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6. Hidden

She's running scared doesn't dare to confess her sins; So unaware of the danger that she is in; moved on ahead, never tried turning back for you; She ignores all the signs, head faced to the ground; C...

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7. Invisible Power

As I close my eyes; It's like opening them for real; I'm not in disguise; I'm not lying 'bout what I feel; No need to hide; There's no-one that can hurt me; The strippings inside are; Opening up to fl...

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8. Kick You When You're Down

Kick You When You're Down; Love for my love, hate for my hate; Strength for my strength, and pain for my pain; Pride for my pride, match it inside; Trust that I find in you; But it’s hard and it’s bru...

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9. Lying Delilah

know you're a hurting kind; You shone to blind my eyes; Smooth words and soothing lines; Sweet smile concealing a lie; Calling me lunatic; You claim that I am crazy and sick; Casting hooks into ym sou...

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10. Opposites Attract

Baby seems we never ever agree; You like the movies and I like Tv; I take things serious and you take 'em light; I go to bed early and you party all night; Our friends are sayin' we ain't gonna last; ...

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11. Puppet

You give a kid some candy; He will always ask for more; You give a man some power; And off he goes to war; So many strings tightly attached; He seems like he is lost; He makes a fine new decision; Wha...

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12. Singer's Chance

Waking up into reality; Fading away from a dream; A shelter for me; Listening to the voices through the wall; Trying to figure out the place; Where I am though I've seen them all; Remembering yesterda...

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13. Somebody's Watching Me

I'm just an average man with an average life; I work from nine to five, hey hell I pay the price; But I want is to be left alone in my average home; But why do I always feel like I'm in the Twilight Z...

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14. Spine

Spine; Bitterness infested, juctice is molested; Govern my contested ways; As a child arrested, as a man detested; Happiness inside my pain; You hate my life; Because you see my strife; Could never un...

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15. The Spark

I feel the pressure building up; I've been waiting for the sign; Will it come? Will it be something divine? Another day has just begun; Still my mind's empty nothing's done; Should I run away from the...

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16. They All Blame Me

I was living alone with all my friends; I didn't know my place; One moment they loved, laughed and cared; And another started to hate; I was running to them; Beging to stay, didn't they understand; Al...

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17. Trephination

Trephination; I used to want to take a drill to my head; Let the pain out of the hole; I used to want to cut the veins in my neck; Cool the blood boiling my soul; When I wondered, why my daily headach...

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18. Waters Of Lethe

Look at me mess we've made; Open your eyes to see; This endless gap through eternity; Waisting the flame of time; Elbowing through your life; Your heart is not a home of sad regrets; Sounds of the new...

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