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1. Beginning Of The End

Scarred, are my eyes, For no one’s seen those children die, Now my thoughts are plagued with fears, Because of them the end is near, The end is near; Alas the screaming dies, Too late to say goodbye, ...

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2. Dust To Dust

The reaper’s at your door, It’s the end, there’s no more, The light makes you blind, Deep in your heart you’ll find, The dead is what lays ahead, In the future that you dread, Now comes the time, It’s...

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3. Eye For An Eye

The chair awaits my final moments, The final judgement, the final event, Rise reaper demon and come forth tonight, Come for my soul, come for my life, I walk down the hallway to meet my demise, Facing...

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4. Forgotten Demise

Nothing to live for, Don’t want anymore, Rid me of this pain, Death the only way, ; Living this hell throughout my life, Lived off of spite, nothing seemed right, I’ve lost my will to carry on, Put me...

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