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1. (Not Another) War Song

It's not another war song; Sung by Soldiers on the Frontline; But we shall understand them; The M-16 sounds better than this; The rise of the moonlight; Will cover our war sins; But no one should cry ...

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2. Alone

I don’t notice the danger; And don’t care about this; Hearing voices behind me; Hearing voices in their sighs; I need to protect me for don’t stay alone; Fight against myself and don’t run to the lie;...

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3. Anger Day

Tired of not being respected; He can’t stand the situation; Ready to strike back; Now he wants to attack; Getting into the dark side; He’ll become a murderer; It’s a russian roullet; Killing or dying;...

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4. DTV (Disgrace Television)

Did you sse the news? What's going on today; Disgrace television; "It's fun" is what they say; Who cares about the future; Just sleep, counting sheeps; Disgrace for the children; Let's play with all t...

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5. Eye Of The World

Time to open mind; You're def, jerk and blind; The empire is marching on; (The) reason doesn't matter; After all it's only human beings; And millions will die; Ambition or vanity? Who knows but even s...

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6. Master Of Nightmare

Keep yourself awake and don't get high; Or I will get into your useless mind; Like a sea of sorrow, always down; I'ts not a bad thought, it's you falling down; (chorus):; Life, you're begging for... Y...

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7. New Order

Destruction, Devastation; becoming out of control; Cities in flame, despairing; Fighting against the war lords; The sun is born; Bleeding it dies; Innocents condemned to fight; Atomic bomb, who is rig...

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8. Sin City

Spinning 'round and 'round; I found "Playmates Nudes" It's all I want now; See you striped on that stage, you're looking fancy; Slut-godess table dancer; You drop me drunk driving crazily; But I reali...

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9. The Meaning Of Terror

Hear the call of death; Coming down on two legs; But this time we can also see their wings; See the smoke in sky; Fell the breath of fire; We just run over violent streets; On this creeping war; What ...

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