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1. Circle Of Hate

Inside you thoughts could kill; In words unheard all your needs uphold; Your heart is left to chill; Your eyes are blank but the fears unfold; This fight is needless; Devours the mind and you're close...

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2. Crest Of The Wave

Moulds of starring roles form the minds for the play; Get your part and wait 'till the dance of the fay; The dogs of ambition will set you for the mission; Make sure you won't miss the bleeding phase;...

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3. In Dependence

It takes a prayer to build a temple; A sword to loosen the Gordian knot; But in the mirror your spirits tremble; For all you dreamt of is all you're not; As reflections cast upon you; Memories and tim...

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4. Inner God

Yhis life is tricky; Once worthy twice a pity; And I'm the strength inside for hire; Releasing tension; In tears and draw attention; Won't help you make it through the fire; You're to hold me tight; I...

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5. Last Neverland

Flying a wish; Senses unleash as I make it; Over the mountain of no return; Straight to the land of communion; Against the winds; Opened my wings like an angel; Making your fires spin and turn; Heaven...

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6. Soultrip

Your whining eyes extract the force of compassion; Slim beams of light that drill my cloud; Familiar scene so vivid, life in consumption; But the warmth is yet to come; Everyday's ambition is tomorrow...

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7. Spadework

Give me your hope child of no regret; Lend me your eyes, show me what we get; A future's draft is on the table if you mean to last; The few remains of our dreams shine in your eyes; Run through our ve...

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8. The Awakening

Your name's on the scars I wear; Your blame's on the trail I follow; I'm back on my feet again; But nothing can end all sorrow; Beyond grey oblivion skies; I'll reach for my deepest yearning; Among fe...

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9. The Meaning Of Forever

Time's not what I was told it is; More pain and suffer all it gives; Its one more thing among all I cannot weather; This game nobody ever won; And it's so useless to dream on; For nothing stands in th...

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10. The Messenger

No star will show the way; No one we need to follow; No fate but what we make; No rest for the warlord; Felt like an age of sleep; A thousand years of numbness; Now we're awake for real; A new era has...

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11. The Sentinel

Along deserted avenues; Steam begins to rise; The figures primed and ready; Prepared for quick surprise; He's watchin' for a sign; His life is on the line; Sworn to avenge; Condemn to hell; Tempt not ...

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12. Travel Far Away

You know, it's easy to live in agony and pain; Under the weight of your fears; burn the years in vain; Just keep your head down and do all that you despise; Or stick to your warm nest and never fly; T...

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13. Turn About

She grabbed the silence tight within the final glance; And walls where closing all around her voiceless temper; The hour was dealing with the future on a chance; And life was leaving my ambitions empt...

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14. Yesterday

Crack of dawn, still the lights are low; And the dew dies on the grass; Next to me her, she's still asleep; Under cinders in the fire of dreams; Washed by the blue light of the fading moon; Sleepless ...

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