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1. Believe

Wake up in the night; I'm screaming cold sweat on my face; Was it real or was it just my fantasy? Evil eyes around my bed; It looks as if the glass has told the truth; The cards will never tell you li...

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2. Blues

Woke up in the morning; And I found that you're gone; Just a note "I am sorry"; And you left me alone; I can hardly remember; What happened last night; Guess we went to a party? Did we get in a fight?...

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3. Death Caress

I'm dreaming in the night to sleep; With your body to mine; And feel you shiver by; Running my fingers down your spine; I'd touch you gently; And then I would treat you like a whore; I wanna see you o...

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4. Destroyer

Dark past ancient time; You must fight to stay alive; Blasphemy there is no God; Who would help against the mob; And in this chaos a baby is born; To be a king and to rule all alone; Half a God half a...

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5. Don't Play With Fire

I was looking for love; When I first saw your face; Pretty little boy full of grace; I swore my love would last for all time; Never thought you would treat me unkind; Now I can see that you're too you...

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6. Friday The 13th

Holiday out to play; Life can be so nice; They are young, look for fun; And think it's paradise; And think it's paradise; But something strange is going on; Can't you feel that something's wrong; This...

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7. Heaven Is For Sale

Going to church on Sunday; And you don't know why; Holy priests are praying; But they all feign and lie; Judas' wearing cassocks; Pious should one be; They are only hypocrites; Betraying you and me; G...

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8. House Of The Rising Sun

There is a house in New Orleans; They call the rising sun; And it's been the ruin of many poor boys; And God I know, I'm one; My mother was a tailor; She sewed my new blue jeans; My father was a gambl...

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9. I Don't Love You Anymore

Don't look at me with your bedroom eyes; That used to promise me so much; You won't change my mind; I'll leave despite your tender touch; I was the jester of your court; You. made a fool of me; And li...

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10. Neverending Nightmare

Midnight's coming I see devils running; And I feel it's not only a dream; I know what they want I know it now; They want to get me and take my soul away; The hall is open and Earth's vibrating; I see ...

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11. Paris In Fear

Sunny Wednesday noon; In the crowded city; Mother's out for shopping; Children on their hands; Business went as usual; At Tati's discount; But joy became horror; 'Cause killers were around; Sunny Wedn...

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