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1. Alive Alone

In this life full of hate - you'll be by yourself; No one to help - they only look the other way; In your life - you'll be alone - in your life - you're on your own; You have to live this life - do wh...

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2. Do Or Die

In the land before our lives - we had peace and no crime; Honesty was always there - Goodness was everywhere; Kindness was the first law - nobody wanted more; The dreams of today - were never needed b...

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3. Dragon

My lords and my ladies listen a while; For a story of ages when the dragons fly; `Bout an almighty warrior thought he never can die; As he left the castle all the young maiden cry; His body was covere...

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4. Hope

In a city not far from here, lives a man and he is alone; Because he's searching for things in the world, for that he believes; Everytime the people disagree, for something that it has to be; Why they...

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5. Kick The Bucket

In the silver glance of moonlight, shining blood sprinkled teeth; Muscels filled with adrenaline, kill the word in which you believe; Feelings you have buried, private graveyard deep inside; And the g...

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6. Midsummernightsdream

Far from the safety walls, to ride along the hills; Into the darkest forests, where I was not to see; A light shines bright behind, oak pillars majesty; Her eyes like lightning struck, set my desires ...

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7. Protect Yourself

Damn life to do what other people are telling you; Damn life to follow the straight rules of society; Damn life to be under this political force; Damn life not to realize, your own way; Don't dream yo...

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8. Psychedelic Mind

Welcome to the devil's night, when the city burns you can see my might; Hide your eyes from the burning manor, hide your face from the evil glamour; Feel the pain of the hungry flames, see the demons ...

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9. Saying Goodbye

Locked inside these walls - shame and regret, Alone with others as my brain starts to melt; Empty my evil thoughts - shame and regret; By myself I never knew how to feel; Burning inside my mind - lock...

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10. The Unreal

[Bonus Track]; [Vocals by Markus Roth & Andrea Graupeter]; There was a time before, when everything was real; No lies and no regrets, cold inside but I can't feel - Emotions I once thought were real; ...

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11. Warchild

Tanks rolling out on the ground, when the soldiers fire another round; People dying by their own hand, blood drampeled into foreign land; Fighters blasting our cities down, our families lay on the gro...

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