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1. Demonic Ecstasy

Through the years; I have watched your lives unfold; Behind the veils of night; The ending is foretold; There will be no warning; When the blackness comes to take you; The eye of terror opens; And dra...

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2. Echoes From The Void

Lurk beneath the surface, yet hidden in plain sight; Forbidden thoughts shall be revealed, initiation rite; From out of the darkness, step into the light; Rid yourself of the lie... The Lie!! Behold! ...

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3. Enemies Of The State

They have eyes everywhere, watch what you say; A knock on your door at night, taking you away; Forced deportation through storms of freezing snow; Where are they taking you, you will never know; Gone ...

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4. Future Ages Gone

Creating a better machine; Rendering ourselves obsolete; Will science betray us at last? The age of man fades into the past; Ever pressing forward; To a new and unseen dawn; No turning back; The futur...

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5. Living Weapon

Open Fire! Speeding like a bullet; High velocity; Dealing out death with cutting edge technology; An agent of the government; Their orders absolute; They decide who lives or dies deciding who I shoot-...

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6. Savagery

Life in a civilized society; Can't you see that it has made you weak? You wouldn't survive in the world alone; A life without hardship is all that you've ever known; Return to primitive ways; Ruling w...

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7. Total War

Thousands of soldiers march to their fate; Lambs to the slaughter, certain death awaits; Trapped on a field littered with bones; Nations of falling lying below; Now you march forwards- to die; Ten mil...

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8. Treacherous Tongue

Spitting bile; Spreading lies; A warped perverted mind; Words that bite; Words that bind; Words that cannot ever be undone; The virus spreads and infects again; Treacherous! Treacherous! The infection...

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9. Wake Up... Destroy

Bodies lying in the streets; And they're trampling over me; State of emergency; The city's gone insane; Mass hysteria, riots; To rise against injustice; There stands the monument; It will come crashin...

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