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1. Bound in the War

Ready to face, our battle; Time to hear, the screams; A new chapter, to create; Alive in, this bloody world; No remorse, why should I; Be concerned, all the time; One idea, many lives; Further actions...

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2. Declaration of War

Take a look into my eyes; And you'll see no compassion; Soon you'll be dead; With your head on a stake; Feel the fire of vengeance; It's growing for you; You'll be desperate; There's no way out; I am ...

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3. Into the Desolation

After an honorable dynasty; He came as a supreme leader; A vassal from the great empire; Bringing order and conquest; Seduced by the wealth; Blinded by the power; Growing; Your domains; Killing; Anywh...

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4. Mass Infection

Harvested as crops; We flourished to rot; In burning shivering; Under the crow's wings; We fought to die; g*d's punishment; Ate us to the core; In articulo mortis; The grace from above; We fought to d...

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5. Rites of the Unknown


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6. The Pain

Tomorrow it will be close to insanity; As far as my eyes can see; You can't understand the truth, could it be worse? The time for deliverance is right now; Certainly, I will die; Only myself as witnes...

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7. Where Insanity Dwells

Diving into madness; A dark state of mind; drags me into a prison; Where insanity dwells; Fearful thoughts arises; poisoning my brain; Decayed faces on the wall; Dreadfully frozen; Despair, has spoken...

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8. Winds of Orion

From the dust of a blazing star; Rises the greatest torment; The hunter of the g*d; With his hollow soul; Bringing from the past; The oblivion healing; The night of the hunter falls; Gods of war in co...

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9. Winter Smoke

Ride roars like gears; Bringing flames to the west; Fury and death aftermath; Winters end; Red soldiers into attack; Bursting as sun flares; Unlocking the path, towards the lair; To capture the son of...

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