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1. Blood Is Flavor

I literally cringe at the sight of you; You worthless whore, I will devour you; Filet you up I'll make some nice cuts; Until there's nothing left; I will have you, blood is flavor; I will eat you, blo...

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2. Deforming

Rotting dead bodies rise from your grave; The war has begun, prepare the undead; This war is his, so kill in the name; Angelic creatures descend from the sky; One wing dipped in blood, they kill for t...

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3. Essence Of Perfection

The ice cold wind stings my face; My hands are nothing but numb; Motionless in front of my victim's home; I tremble through the house, ever so quietly; Every step I take feeds my insanity; Twitch righ...

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4. Ideas Cannot Die

Your faith brings death; Your lies create comfort; Your being destroys fear; Your wrath is a joke; If only you could see my trail of blood; My trail of agony; Screams to make one's skin shiver and sou...

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5. Puncture Harvest

Orgasmic thrusts of my knife; Each blow brings you closer to your end; How does it feel to be seconds from death? Sweet silence forever, for now and ever more; Have I ever felt so much joy? My knife s...

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6. Torrents Of Gore

Behold my victim lying there, helpless as one could be; With thy knife I'll send her straight to hell; Eviscerated bodies hanging over your head, torrents of gore; Shadows of organs while you lie in b...

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