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1. Down The Sea

Love is an empty picture; You hang it on the wall; Tell me why should you get involved; And feel the breeze once more; Life is my little vessel; Burning across the sky; Get inside slowly; And pretend ...

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2. Mainline

Break me through this; Let me feed this disease; I can't refuse it; When the feeling is so big; Please be the man, shake the hand; Let the rhythm bound us; Love for the ritual of the needle and spins;...

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3. Melt

Whispers, wig, red bra; Always carrying your boots and spreading lies; Do you ever feel lonely through the night? Even sober you're high; Soak me, fill my eyes; Always warning your time is running out...

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4. Miracle

I've mixed feelings with no lust; If I could quiet down this calling, this searching above; I've stood my hand upon the fire; Feels cold like gasoline, and I wonder why; Is it a miracle? It's a miracl...

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5. One Way Street

Never mean to be the; One who drives you insane; You've got nothing; Just meaningless words; This house is burnin; Wind is coming, freezing your eyes; Feel the springtime; Life is just one way street;...

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