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1. Call Of The West

He got the high sign so he jumped a bus; and along the roads that wind on through; the hot mojave and the jericho / he'd start his whole life anew; and what he'd left behind he hadn't valued; half as ...

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2. Hands Of Love

On a crowded street or from a passing car; i can see the world from where i am; people stand in line so they can buy their things; they buy a vegetable or a can; C--i taste the water and the water tas...

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3. Look At Their Way

Look at the way they're walking / all those people around are giving me looks; they keep a big secret on the quiet side / where's the nearest place to hide? look at their way; been around long enough ...

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4. Lost Weekend

Driving out of vegas in their automobile; she was in the backseat while he was at the wheel; with the windows wide open; all the money from the store they'd gambled away; he said, "...the best laid pl...

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5. Mexican Radio

I feel a hot wind on my shoulder; And the touch of a world that is older; I turn the switch and check the number; I leave it on when in bed I slumber; I hear the rhythms of the music; I buy the produc...

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6. Spy World

Well there's that man, he's got everything that he needs; and when the world is falling in he'll never bleed; he goes by jones in istanbul and smith in peru; his job's never through; it's time to star...

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7. They Don't Want Me

They don't want me / they used to want me / but they don't want me anymore; i used to belong / now i don't belong / it's not the same song anymore; we used to play games / we used to trade names; now ...

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8. Tomorrow

Wake up in the morning, pull myself out of bed; think about the night before and everything i said; i made lots of promises i know that i can't keep; so i'll do it tomorrow--that seems like a pretty g...

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