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1. Far Away From Sunrise

Years draw the madness years draw the smile on my face; The coast I've been leaving behind; So far as the coast of the grace; This doubt always shields me; Covers me up with its veil; Between sunrise ...

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2. I Sleep

I Sleep; I sleep through the endless time A distant look through veil-clouds I don't know what I am to do I've just realized I've been half through... I'm so far from the Start maybe far from the End ...

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3. Inside Garden

Inside Garden; Walking down the footpath backwards Lead by closed eyes view Reaching for the memories' leaves. I get the things I knew. Voices from the inside garden are flowing to my mind Pale eyes o...

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4. Ornaments Of Heaven

Ornaments of Heaven; I wish to wake up in the hall of sleep surrounded by the calm listen to the sounds of things. I haven't heard before my footsteps have stained the way it seems an endless time I s...

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5. Soil

Soil; Soil means the beginning Soil means the end That is my departure and I'll arrive at soil homeland Feeds my mind with wise words I'm protected in their arms It's always warm like ember's fire. Ev...

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6. Sysyphus' Downhill Ride

Sysyphus' Downhill Ride; Sunrise breaks up the coffin of day throws me on my way to roll my life at the end of the strings... Two steps up, two days rolling down all the life round never seen stone-fa...

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7. That's Why

That's Why; That's why they transform minds That's why they retch hate That's why they try to disguise that it's too late That's why they scream louder. That's why they can't cry Heavy rain of lies fa...

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8. The Very Same

The Very Same; We're forced to be the riders of stained glass skies Anyhow, anyway We're forced to be the bridlers of flight of minds Eery time, every way. We're forced to be bolts in a mechanism to r...

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