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1. Addicted

A cold night,it's a quarter to three; I don't like what's happening to me; I've been lonely,so lonely; I need you next to me; This empty bed,it's bringin' me down; It's never the same when you're not ...

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2. Blood Is Thicker Than Water

The spirit's strong,but the flesh is weak; Still he'll fight 'til' the war is won; Young and brave,takin' all the heat; Hopes he's one of the lucky ones; It's critical,so critical; To keep your feelin...

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3. Edge Of a Heartbreak

You and I've been runnin' girl; Headin' for the end of the road; Crazy days can't last forever; Now we're hittin' the overload; Too many sleepless nights; Now we just can't seem to work it out; I don'...

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4. It's Only Love

When you lose someone you love; Nothin' seems to matter; No guidance from above; Your world can fall apart; These feelings in your heart; That just won't go away; It's only love and you just can't fig...

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5. Last Night

Just another lonely night; Baby I can feel you hangin' on; Tempted but it wouldn't be right; I've got to be strong; Livin' in a dream world; Somebody else is tryin' to get to my heart; Dreamin' in the...

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6. Nobody's Hero

One shot,down ya go; No understandin' of what it takes; To keep it together; Another bullshit point of view; What's it comin' to; Travel in gangs,can't make it alone; What's the matter son,ain't ya go...

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7. Prove Your Love

Wait a minute baby,don't go runnin' away with my heart; It's been a long time,such a long time on my own; My love is alive,I can feel it inside; And I'm givin' you the key; 'Cause baby when you look i...

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8. Shock To The System

Tell myself I must've been dreaming; You know looks can be so deceiving; Ooh - But I swear,it was you lying there; In the darkness; Stand in the light,when it don't come easy; Stand in the light,where...

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9. Skin and Bones

Skin and Bones love your attitude; Out for all the love you can get; Love's a river,runs hot and cold; Reckless beauty,skin and bones; Easy to get swept away; And I've been waiting for that day; Your ...

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