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1. Catch Me If You Can

Catch me if you can; Catch me if you can; I just got my head down; And I'm a little bit scared tonight; I need to run just far enough; So I can smile again, smile again; So I can smile again; Take me ...

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2. Coldest Water

I was looking for a friend; And it all came to an end; But I survived, yeah, I survived; Oh you came across the sea; Swam the ocean just for me; Now I'm alive, yeah, I'm alive; What we do it's a game ...

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3. Don't Mind Me

Verse 1; No we've got nothing to lose except everything we have; And I've got nothing to prove but it's just who I am; But it's the same old rain, no I won't back down; These satellites overhead, I th...

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4. One Last Dance

The right side of the wrong town; Trying to figure you out; My heart beats out of my chest; My words they go the wrong way around; Take me away, away, away; Or to your place, your place, your place; T...

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5. Somebody Else

I walked these streets till I was seventeen; I didn't care about anything; Stealing cans, rolling cigarettes; At 2am, just waiting for that text; Out of my mind and over my head; Yeah, those were the ...

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6. Speeding Cars

So if I stand in front of a speeding car; Would you tell me who you are? What you like? What's on your mind? If I'd get it right? How I love that no one knows; And these secrets are all that we've got...

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7. Two Stones

Can we sing Hallelujah; Oh if I let you down; We're just two hearts that one day will go there own way; Oh as I see it now; We're like two stones trying to float on water; Can we sing Hallelujah one m...

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