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1. Bring That Booty

Sugar, why're you booty calling me; You know what the answer'd be; Your body's wasting cell phone minutes; Sweet talking me into hintin'; Shut your mouth and save your breath; And keep your goofy boot...

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2. Kitchen Table

It was used, but it looked new; To a couple kids like me and you; So we threw it in the truck; And took the slow way home; We made out at every light, Fogged up the windows in our drive; Then we carri...

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3. No Body

Your lips, your tongue; Your tootsies-footsies, fingertips and thumbs; Darlin', they ain't close to perfect; Oh, no; No, no, they ain't close to perfect; Your skin, your hair; Your chin, your teeth, y...

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4. One Flight Stand

Well, she was cussin' out her carry-on; Tryin' to stuff it in the over head baggage bin; Well, he was crossin' his fingers hopin'; Luck was 'bout to bring her to the empty seat next to him; Well, they...

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5. Trash My Heart

Baby you don't need, no reservation; That mini bar and me are waitin'; Jump on that bed, like it's vacation; Do not disturb, goes without sayin'; I'm just sayin'; If I'm just a weekend to you; Girl I'...

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6. When He Made You

Well you grew up about 30; Short minutes down the street; But we had to go 8000 miles away; To meet; Not sure what the lord was thinking; Taking us all away to kathmandu; But I know he was thinking of...

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7. Why Wait For Summer

Well, I'm over-worked and under-paid; And it's overcast, gloomy, and gray; The days are gettin' shorter, the nights are gettin' colder; Summertime is gone, but that don't mean it's over; I've got a di...

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8. Without Loving a Woman

Well, last night I had a dream that I was a star; Watchin' the world glow in the dark; A million miles away; Yeah, I was chillin' out in space; I heard a little voice from out of the blue; He said, "I...

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9. Your Butt

Dadgum it, girl, you made me look; Didn't mean to take a peak I took; But them double-ds would make stevie wonder stare; Don't waste one twist of your neck; Lookin' o'er your shoulder to check; If I'm...

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