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1. Lose Some Sleep Tonight

What's that look, you're giving me; Staring me down with fire in your eyes; But it's alright baby, cuz you look so good; When you're giving me a hard time; I can tell by your smile; That making up mig...

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2. Rumor Has It

Darlin' You know its true; The rumor you heard about me loving you; Well i never told a soul; Tell me how the whole world knows; chorus; it must have been the roses and the wine; Or maybe this unexpla...

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3. She's Always Right

She's Perfect for a cotton dress; Pretty when her hair's a mess; A little wine and she gets a little loud; Once or twice she's bleached my jeans; She's been known to burn the beans; But in my heart th...

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4. What's It To You

What's that; I hear angels singin'; Telling me to make my move; Listen to it; Their voices ringin' baby; If you feel it get in the groove; (Chorus):; Love is the rhythm of two hearts beating; Poundin'...

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5. Woman Thing

She loves to buy those designer clothes; And she tends to cry at the picture shows; And she'll makes plans without telling me; And I dont understand I guess its just a woman thing; But whatever it is ...

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