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1. Asleep At The Wheel

Apparently the love of me is enough to put a girl to sleep; Or so I hear when I check in to see what kind of shape she's in; December 2003 waiting and unnerved maybe; She decides to go for a Mulhollan...

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2. Balloon

I imagine a balloon of people; Just holding hands and feet; Would catch in the wind and lift up; Like a wavering peopled sheet; See I never liked being social; I found it a little perplexing; What cou...

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3. Elevator

Depress the button on your shirt; It's freshly pressed; Your hands against your chest; And let it rise up; It'll elevate you till you're twenty stories high; I hate you; For leaving me here in this ro...

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4. We Can Learn

I wake up; And I'm next to you; And it's all I can do; To stay still as if I'm glued; To these sheets of ours; That we stain with our love; And the cruel idea of perfection; So long until tomorrow; Wh...

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5. Windows

Ally has a problem with the suburbs; And she's planning her escape; Sick of living rooms that don't get used; And always paper plates; But she's taking men out and breaking them; To see what they migh...

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