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1. Gold

So, didn't you find love or salvation in what they do, A heart is built of gold, they fairies they are too, its in the hands you hold, How long can we ignore, we build a little more, and then we break...

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2. Grow

I look around, saw the way that we hit the ground; and tell me your not eager to get out; They way were down, it gets harder to escape; and how if we want to runaway, lets go now; By the time I get ah...

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3. Madness Of Others

I put it to the wind; Otherwise it drives me mad; The way we get so safe but wanna be bad; I wander if it's strange; To think of where we'll be; When the world begins to feel itself so free; And I wan...

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4. Seaside

I went down on one knee asking for forgiveness oh please, Begging like a beggar diseased, praying that she, that she show mercy, ; Maybe we can walk at sunrise, at seaside; Maybe we can walk at sunris...

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5. Wild Country

What will become of the truth when we keep it in; Things we don't remember when they ask us when; We did the things that we learned we shouldn't do again; What wasn't learned from mistakes, we will ma...

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6. You'll Never Go

Oh my words, are always like whispers to her, they don't make us feel heard, they only make the heart hurt; Oh the hours, don't pass away what is ours, we must grow these flowers with our own soul's p...

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