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1. It Only Takes a Taste

[Dr. Pomatter]; You remind me of a girl I once knew; God, by now she's well in middle age; She's probably 41... or 42; [Jenna]; Thank you? [Dr. Pomatter]; Oh God! No, no! What I meant was that; She wa...

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2. Opening Up

Jenna! what's the special pie today? Uh, deep shit blueberry bacon; Deep shit? Ye- uh, dish! deep dish. sorry, cal! C'mon, girl; The day starts like the rest we've seen; Another carbon copy of an old ...

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3. The Negative

[Becky]; Jenna, time to pee on a stick! [Jenna]; Wh-? I don't wanna know! [Becky]; Come on, honey, you've waited long enough! [Becky and Dawn]; Get to it and do it! [Jenna]; Okay girls, enough! [Becky...

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4. What Baking Can Do

Make it work; Make it easy; Make it clever; Craft it into pieces; Make it sweet; Crimp the edges; Or make it sour and serve with lemon wedges; Even doubt can be delicious; And it washes off of all the...

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