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1. Farewell Goodbye

This is our last goodbye; Will you remember me; This is our last goodbye; That I will sing to you; 'Cause everything you are; (Is everything to me); And everything inside of you; (Is all that I can se...

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2. Forget Me Not

"I am, I am," you said, "Forget me not, and you will see all"; 'Cause you are, you are, in mind, a child; Though you refuse to be; Today I believe I'm getting older; Tonight I'll fall; You say you bel...

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3. Leaving Me Tonight

You left me down, with not a chance to fall; My heart was on the line and I can't explain; To everyone that I, that I fell so in love with you; You left me waiting on the line; Waiting for you; That d...

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4. Memories Of You

I am awake, a lonely dreamer; I think of your face; Cause you take me with you, And i drift away; I can not escape; You lift me up; My eyes to; Forever; I'll see you.......awake; And I'll sing la da d...

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5. Minutes Passing

Meet me in the place; Where we first met eyes; I will show you how; How I feel inside; You give me butterflies; When I look into your eyes; I know there's no end; So I wrote you this song tonight; Mee...

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6. So Close

I Sat across the wall; I thought about it all; I said a prayer aloud; So young and full of hate; It's massacred his faith; He drinks the bottle down; What else could I do; He only thought of you; I wa...

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7. Tearing Pages

Falling down I try to write it out; Getting cold and weak, what's it all about; Want to try like it's all inside my head; Getting more of it, wonder what he meant; And I'm tearing pages out, I'm makin...

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8. The Wait

The Wait; The pictures falling off the wall; They say that this is changing; Under it all, under it all; The faces look so different; But something catches you; Try not to fall, try not to fall; I can...

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9. Unexpected

Unexpected; You dance along the paths of life; Longing to be recognized; Stumbling 'round your dim lit room; The music playing out of tune; Free to stand is free to fall; And soon you'll land against ...

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