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1. A Drunken Laugh

Night time's got a lot to offer; When you don't want to suffer; Anymore; I'm a patron of the arts you cried; but he hasn't been alive for 20 years; That's a lot of tears; (He's leaving); Stand at the ...

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2. Beautiful Picture

The broken footprints; Lead us to a naked dawn; Pulls us away from; all those yesterdays; In its wake; Close your eyes; Take a picture; Everything around us; Is moving so slowly; Don't forget to breat...

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3. Complicated

still see you underneath my bed; Spin that bottle better left unsaid; I'm so blue still the moodring is red; It's you, it's you; Don’t be scared you know there's no one home; Hit those lights and let ...

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4. Did I?

well did i mention that i need you; And did i mention that i care; Well this is always when you're leaving; It's all you; It's all me; It's not free; It's all right; It's all wrong; Sing along; And i ...

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5. Enough

Tell your conscience that; It's too late and that; Understand if; Time is walking out; If you scream and shout; They won't hear you; And it's enough; And i've too much; To give away; For you today; Ha...

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6. Falling

All my life; Things I never tried; Seems to be fading; Like a wish that's falling; I.... ; All my life; Things I never tried; Seems to be drifting; Like a wish that's fading; I.... Falling, falling; A...

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7. Frail

I walked into the cathedral; As I fell onto the steeple; And it made me feel so; Honest and frail; As I leant upon the table; I worked as if I were unable; Then I saw him; Sliding my way; And he said ...

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8. Here Comes September

Yeah I'm your lover, I could scale your city walls, Though there were others, you never left me at all. Love paved our way with initialled sidewalk streets, But here comes September and we both know w...

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9. I'm Already Home

Chorus:; If we can't find this ground with each other; Then i'll just walk these streets all alone; And if this path should lead over yonder; Well then i'll know that i'm already home; I got this feel...

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10. Is He Fair?

Is he fair, is he light; Is he scared, is he; As I am me? Are they tired, are they lost; Are the found, do they; See life like me? Why do we have to tell them? Have their stories not been told? Why do...

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11. Love Is

Love is lost; In a tale tossed. Swept aside; By fear and pride. Turned away; By yesterday. But one thing's right, They never hide. ; So if you're feeling that it's just too much; Then take a breath an...

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12. Lucky

You're lucky I haven't found; Another reason, another way out; I'm walking, I'm walking away; Yeah, yeah, yeah; You're too much trouble for one day; Do i want it? No way, no way; Yeah, yeah, yeah, Yea...

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13. Mad And Beautiful

la la la la... ; All the traffic; Got no rhythm; All the buskers; Are out of tune; And the papers; They got nothin'; But together; They're a song; The push and pull; Of the traffic; And the radio; In ...

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14. Morning Light

Wake to the morning light; Open your eyes; Reach for the sun; Rise to the evening air; Open your heart; Live to be there; And then you'll make him happy; So she'll be your only; Do it all for yourself...

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15. Ms Universe

Hey miss universe; You've shown us the way; You've taught our lesson; Our lesson of the day; You and i will fly away; Hey miss universe; we're waiting in line; We're waiting to see your; Great big smi...

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16. New Technology

Well have you heard; All the people clapping their hands? And have you seen; All the castles made in the sand? Uh oh, uh oh, woahh... ; And have you heard; They've all got something to announce? Well ...

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