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1. Grave

You're still the person I remember; Make sure they're watching, so you're the centre; Of attention, I start to wear thin; Your mind's the drug and you skipped the intervention; You will never change; ...

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2. Low

Don't keep on telling me that; I'm gonna pull through; When you don't know low like I doi'm afraid of the things I don't say; The thoughts in my head that; Keep me tossing, turning, lying awake; Don't...

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3. Me Against Myself

Is it me against myself? I feel like someone else; Cause I can't find my way back home and I don't wanna do it alone; Is it me against myself and everybody else? Cause I can't fix this on my own and I...

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4. Prison

Feels like I'm caught in a whirlwind inside my head; I'm my own natural disaster beneath my skini can't explain and you just won't get it; I can't numb the pain, it's all I think about; I can't explai...

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5. Twenty One

They say that there's no hope; Don't think. Do what you're told. No; We've lost our way; Abandoned foundations on which we were made; We're all dying of the same disease; I looked for the answer and t...

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6. Who I Am

Go; You learn to live with pressure when it's the only thing you feelit's never like you see, it feels like you never know what's real; I don't cave on the outside; But it wears me down in my own mind...

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