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1. Cinder Block Mountain

overcast a sunday night up on the hill. we felt the air as we watched the cars not passing by. it was then i knew it all would be fine. palm tree lights pass by. travel pass. lights. the corner, my si...

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2. Clever

clothes are scattered on the floor. looks like emotions won the war this time. sanity's going. memory's gone. i've lost everything i never had from the start. it was just one mistake but it keeps recu...

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3. Head Cage Store

Separation could have been the death of us if I had only let it be. Anything more than a temporary discomfort. While you've been away from me. As 4 give in's parade. And we break the evening shade. Wh...

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4. inbetween The Trees

Hooray. why do you need to see nothing. When i want to see you and be near you today. Turning to the sun. Turning looking for something more. But everyday my thoughts turn back to you. Tell me while i...

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5. Jessica Blvd

this time we bit off more than we bargained for this time. this time we undertook more than we can handle. this time i thought would be different than anything before. this time i looked with fire in ...

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6. Lax Allister

So this is how it boils down. Always try to reach. Almost out of hand. Caught like the divide. Fought it for the fun. Three words where. For what part. What if all your cares drove off of a cliff. Wha...

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7. Leviathan

living on hydrogen tanks won't give you life. i've tried and i've tried to make the cliché right. you've been told that all you know are lies. i'd do what you say but there's daggers in your eyes. yo...

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8. On A Fossil Scale

Silver shadows. Living on my fingers tipping. Look to the right. Left when i step. It's truly deceiving. Clenching to strain. When i'm slow with the best. Lettign terrain (appear). Near or star. I'll ...

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9. Starlit Dequindre

caress. starlit dequindre. moving my emotions deliver. carve a picture melts in time. subliving we label tonight we dine. two step amazing part played to perfection. burning on the inside never let ou...

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10. Summer Lighting

I don't want to be the last one. In said righteous line. I choose my innocence. Now its here to stay. Racing silver the wide eyed horses. Closed captioned for the hearing impaired. Loosen the strain o...

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11. The Flavors Of Breakthrough

Upstairs. I'm looking out. With waterfalls. Takes me out. Outside. A simple tree. In copper bells. Lifts em up. I can feel the sky slipping through your fingers tonight. I can hear the thoughts as we ...

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12. When In Chester

fix me. don't tempt me. believe me it's worth it for now. it's got what you said and everything after. i don't want you to. take back the breaths we've taken. the breathing we've accepted. excuse me i...

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13. Windmills

i find you curious. the sickly wishful. the fate of the liquid witness. quite frankly it's none of my business. here's to looking back like when i took your hand and bought you a sweater. you only lik...

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