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1. Bleeding To Death

The bleeding won't cease or coagulate; prepare to die where you're lying; passing the point of no return; your eyes froze wide open; muscles contract then relax; can you feel me fuck you; organs are r...

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2. Cadaveric Mutilation

A fascination with mutilating the dead; I view internal organs during disembowelment; draped in your intestines there's nothing left; no evidence of your life or your existence; no skin tissue or frag...

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3. Mass Pussy Obliteration

They're only good for sexual fulfilment; all I need is their genitalia; bitches cunts whores and sluts; subjected to ungodly beatings; I'm aroused; assaulting women; mass pussy obliteration; sucking a...

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4. Motionless

Your fucking suffering is what I crave; your naked body will not be buried; the dead remains I save; motionless your body lays; you keep moving so I kept stabbing; you are dead but you keep bleeding; ...

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5. Orally Tortured

Violently I grudge fuck your mouth; Broken jaws allow you to deep throat; Bleeding your teeth smashed in; Physically and orally tortured; Pleasure me anally then orally; Unable to breath slowly suffoc...

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6. Strangled Then Revived

Pschotic visions within a twisted mind; beyond bizarre I'm unable to describe; sickened thoughts of extreme perversion; and countless victims of severe mutilations; unusual acts of sexual stimulation;...

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