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1. Advance

The anatomy human being if says the most evolved in everything of all the animals; But as this is possible; If God created each animal with its function; And the man if he judges to be animal; Not bei...

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2. Aliance Force

Aliance Force; In the Know you by waste and not by your face. Not by introduction not by handshake. Not by the things that you own, but the things you; dispose; It's not a case of theft but a case of ...

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3. Nike

The politics of the anarchy of the great peoples; Always this in the heights of the glory species human being; Forgetting all the problems; As if was all normal one in our weaknesses; For this we have...

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4. West Fire

Dance; Always want to tell me life; You try to sell me to the stars at night; You think i'm too uptight; No; You call me on the phone alone; You wish that i could stay; Speaking pain in codes; Telling...

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