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1. Alone In The Shadow

This land of steel; I feel the taste of power; This land of rage; I see the face of death; I lost my home; I lost my life; Salvation and control of my own survival; Into the night; Angels and Gods are...

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2. Garden Of Souls

I swear I'm real; You can believe me; Something is burning inside me; A kiss chain; A taste of life; Coming from the dark; Whe the night falls; I walk among the living; To be whith you in a nightmare;...

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3. Murders In The Darkness

The darkness hovers in the night; Screams of help in the horizon; We found moribunds on the cold ground; Blood smell is everywhere; People disappear; I pray and beg for pardon; Because my end is at ha...

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4. This Time

I hope you make me happy; I hope I don't resist; This time is not unreal; I may fell sadness; In my world I live without fear; 'Cause I'm the darkside; I am the darkside; Chorus:; And I tell you; 'Bou...

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5. War Life

I will tell you a new story; Of a different world; To be alive; It's necessary to struggle; We have many enemies; And one sword; We cannot be afraid; Of dying; The power of a mountain; Protect us; We ...

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