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1. Breakbeat Flash

You would; Riddle me this, But i don't think that you're listening; Played out on reason your treason's; Only deafaning; And then you see the truth behind this; Shit that i'm pulling.. It looks like i...

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2. Electro Fags

Bitches are jealous because I wear better clothes than them; Tearin' up the party with my boys on the weekend; Got more X's in my name than a tic-tac-toe game; All these river sluts tryin' to get up i...

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3. Fuck You Richee

Fuck You Richee; Fuck you Richee for ditching us, Cause Emily's not that great. Now we're chilling at my grandma's, Watching Mean Girls and staying up late. We walked out of your house; Just like you ...

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4. Maxx's Birthday Song (featuring Richee)

Maxx Jenga, you know it's your birthday and I just; I wanted to say that you and I are pals; And I don't know just what I should say to you on this; Birthday track I made for you, I'll just say; You a...

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5. Pixy Styx And Crack

Deep inside there's nothing there, the only thing I think with, truth is; it's not my brain but in my pants, quite insane. And I swear, I'm not crying, there must; be something in my eye. My mind is f...

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6. Role Model

Alright take it away then I'll bring it right back; Bring what back? Show you what it means inside my head and; next sequel you'll be seeing it in a year; 2005 to be continued.. ; Look at my wrists th...

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7. Self Centered

Rocking me screwing me you brought the pain; was there any way to bring back the person to blame. Because bringing that noize and the volume was pretty, fun for me, and fun for you, but its all the sa...

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8. The Revolution Electric! (featuring Nils)

Take away my information; Any normal music star; If you say that i need you then; I'm sure you wont get far; And if i make instrumental, Robotic and cold to you, Consider a: "one time offer"; Consider...

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9. Uncle

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh; No teachers after school; Oh oh oh, oh oh oh; You're so dead after school; Oh oh no; Why don't you beg; That's so wrong; That's so bad; That's so wrong; That's so; Why don't you sa...

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10. Unwind

Time is running; brain is leaking; out of my skull; I know i'm singing slower, it should be meaningful; would you like a cup of tea sir? It has no taste at all; You know the higher that you stack them...

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