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1. Ignorant Fuck

Servant of the human lie; serve me my alcohol; that is all you are worth; tearing apart your beloved pages; burning scorching your sacred places; raping everything so holy; Hell! you ignorant fuck; fu...

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2. Leviathan Dawn

Cold stone black dawn; Cries from the bleak forest afar; Bloodstained wounded; The grim moon has risen; Blood sweet blood; Pulsating from your wounds; Knife sharp and long; Ecstasy through self-mutila...

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3. Loudun 1633

satanic possession, writhing and cursing; mass hallucination, demonic encounter; speak in toungues unknown to men; fullmoon rites, of blood and semen; crawl to your cross and die, you filth; worthless...

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4. Plague Revolution

fire burns black; gonna set your world ablaze; our plague spreads; gonna destroy your brain; evil invading; revolt for Vultyr; bring forth destruction; ruin and decay; plagued with disease; dirty devo...

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5. Satanicide

it makes no difference to me who i kill; as long as there is blood; no fucking difference to me; none at all; suffer the satanicide; homicidal evil in its purest form; suffer the satanicide; gotta fee...

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6. Terror Extravaganza

hello mr negative; how are we doing today; the world is fucked up; everwhere decay and pain; the earith is one fucking cesspool; all colours fade to grey; humanity has lost its meaning; so yeah, i wou...

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7. The Hammer Of Satan

through thunder and through blood; travelling on the flaming wings of war; riders of the apocalypse; heralds of the end; we are satan's hammer; demons riding the winds of carnage; we are satan's hamme...

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8. The Omega Point

more whiskey and decay; more nails hammered into the brain; the dead dogs have returned; more violent more insane; drenched in black blood vomit; soaked in batter acid; burnt by the dying sun; more ig...

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9. Total Eclipse

Enter the frostbitten wastelands of my heart; where nothing good has ever grown; petrified, cold, heart of ice; eclipsed by the moon, buried under the snow; hate consumes all, no love lost; black ecli...

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