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Remember Me

can�t believe the loneliness
I may not live, I cannot rest
Crush my dreams in the palm of my hand
It�s over now, it�s hard but I must understand

I hope that somebody will remember me
Time is like sand, slipping through my hands

No regrets, it�s far too late
What I became is what I made
A few friends left. Be strong. I don�t want to cry
God, I hate to live this long goodbye


Agony, the pain will never seize
Infected, terminal disease
Death, is tightening it�s grip
Sacrifice, the ultimate

Dying, I no longer exist
Death is the ultimate bliss

Helpless, no hope, there is no cure
Exit, I can�t take it anymore
Life is not worth living now death fills me with fear
Please comfort me when the end is coming near

I hope that somebody will remember me
Time is like sand.

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Número de Palavras 127
Número de Letras 881
Intérprete Vulture

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