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1. Divinum Sacrificium

I see besides the eyes; I see besides the death; The worms won't know me; It was alone the scar; Deads saints raise up; It arrived the hour. let’s go home; I went though the pain; The man has already ...

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2. Evangellium

Hidden into graves; Among the deads ones; Hunted by the demon; They wrote our lives; The ink was their blood; The paper was flesh; They screamed in silence; The change has begun; Angels of the darknes...

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3. Oblatum

Take everything; So that you can offer; The same Offer; My blood; Veni, Sanctificator; Omnipotens, aeterne Deus; Et benedic hoc sacrificium; Tuo sancto nomini preparatum; They will never take; My fait...

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4. Pietas

What did I make? I burn in mistakes; My pride sustains me; my pride sustains me; My flesh; That deteriorates at the time; I think to be right; I think to be right; In this middle of war; I see that I ...

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