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1. Crowning The Cycle

Now listen man:; There's no good to be found in this mire; The muck's just deeper and the further you dig; The more it sticks to your soul and skin; Slowly settling the taint within; When all is said;...

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2. I Hung My Heart On Harrow Square

The cart carrying the damned came rolling at a steady pace; On it a sorry, defeated lot, carried through the morning haze; Three men and two women, en route to their doom; To die by my hands, before t...

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3. Of Branded Blood

I lie here listening to sounds of this insane city; Twisting and turning for hours, still not able to sleep; Stray dogs they bark, bark and and howl like wolves outside my window; Bark, unkind, grind,...

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4. Race For The Gallows

Dark alleys, gas light haze; Smog riddled sinners in a gloomy maze; This is the decade of us sordid sons; We keep the devil from the streets, have justice done; Filth riddled dreadful air; In every no...

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5. The Bolted Door

There stands a bleak massive door; At the end of a long winding hall; A massive, dreadful, disheartening thing; Guarding terrible, dreadful things; It looms in the dim dark light; Lock upon lock, it's...

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6. The Hangman's Hatch

Nine coffins lined against the wall; Nine black suits lay ready for all; Nine future widows wearing jet-black shawls; Nine men waiting for the hangman's call; Sobs and prayers sounded through the hall...

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7. This Cursed Flesh

Scrubbing skin, cleanse this cursed flesh; Oh that vile stench of sin seems to seep from within; I still smell his burning fat, his bowels turned; Oh that rank smell of sin seems to stick to my skin; ...

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