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1. After You're Gone

Gets harder to breathe every breath that I take; The smile that you need is getting harder to fake; So I'm searching to find the right kind of sign; To help me get over all the feelings inside; The in...

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2. Caught In The Sun

I pray to God every day; Help me believe all the words I say; And wash all my sins away; But can you see me any other way? So here I stand... ; (Chorus); Burned, caught in the sun; (I can't throw it a...

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3. Clench

How was I to know this wouldn't be the first time? Looking back on all the time I've wasted; Will I ever, ever know what it's like to see the; light? Now I know, it's now or never to decide; I carry t...

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4. Closer

Wake up, it's getting deeper; But I can't blink again; Just seems so tragic in the end; I jump back into the same thing; Couldn't be more obvious; There's no use in trying to pretend; (Chorus); I woul...

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5. Dilate

There's something more to this that I could feel; But could not see (I could not see); It's what she said to me that makes me feel; The way I do (the way I do); (Chorus); Every time you fade away, I d...

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6. Downer

Swimming in you, I'm drowning; So what's the use of wanting you to stay? All these doses of you are killing me slowly; Down on my knees, I'm hoping; It's never enough to cure the sick inside; All thes...

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7. Forever

Here it comes again, back to the end; Where we first began (back to the end); Oblivious to everything I'm subjected to; There's nothing more to lose; (Chorus); If forever never comes; I swear forever ...

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8. My Addiction

I'm dizzy, spinning around; In circles (I fall to the ground); I need more of your drug; To change me (to balance me out); I need this fix again... ; (Chorus); I can't heal, what more can I do? Is thi...

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9. Persona

Whenever she smiles back at me; The way she would before; I'd give anything if only it could be; The way it was before; The feelings are taking over me; Like who else am I supposed to be with you; 'Ca...

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10. Stabilize

All that I am, all that I could be; I don't understand how to live this life I'm living; I've opened my hands to see if I could bleed; So you crucify me just to see if you can hurt me; When I'm broken...

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11. Wasted And Broken

Inside I can't see the light of day; In here I keep my feelings locked away; Sometimes I feel so sullen and confused; Unclear why I keep coming back to you; (Chorus); Wasted and broken, when you're so...

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