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1. Live This

Every step in my road; Every moment that I saw; I believe in a meaning; Cos I want to make some difference; Every soul has its light; My hope will never ever die; Everyday has its price; It's your cho...

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2. Loud For The Night

Get up; Show me what you've got; Raise your hands to rock tonight; You can walk out of the line; What's up? Show me what you've got; Live it hard and never stop; You have wasted your time a lot; Get a...

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3. Midnite Little Girl

She used to have dreams; Since child she'd be a star; Pretty innocent girl; Flashes of light blinded her eyes; Trusting in some strangers; She was diving in a sea of lies; Midnite little girl; Learned...

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4. Shadows On The Wall

You think you tell the right from wrong; In a world lit by fire; Heavy chains tie us down; Time seems to pass so slow; That's the only world we know; In the darkness that surrounds us; Twisted images ...

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