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1. 17359

Welcome user 1-7-3-5-9; The content you have selected contains; Strong language, dark themes and some dirty fucking riffs; To continue with your experience; Please deposit credit, or hold for short ad...

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2. All That Candy

You're my special girl; (Da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da); I'm twisted, manic, crazy; (But I'm not stupid); It wasn't all that sadness; (That made me lose it); You wrapped your arms around my; (Wretched body...

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3. Aura

Don't wanna be like the others; I want you to see; You've got your own look and aura; And don't it make you weak? So carry on, carry on (I'm shutting them out); They got nothing goin' on (and where ar...

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4. Behave

I lost it all to you, you're in my blood; (The night we met, I knew it was forever); I took you all, me and you against the world; (I'm not letting go until the day you drown me); I gave it up one tim...

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5. I'm Sorry

Will you hold me? Grab me when I'm down? Are you crying? For the end of my last soul? Don't find me when I call an Sos; You should leave me because you've always been the best; One last time; We can g...

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6. Play With Me Cos I Can Take It

Just another day she's coming for the ride (oh, oh oh oh); Like a little sister mummy makes you God (oh, oh oh oh); She brings me up she tears me down; Can't control when she's around; Like a limb we'...

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7. Run / Hide

Run; Hide; Run; Hide; My monster; You suck me under; Force-feed my lungs with the water; Crazy, that's what you made me; Drugging my soul, spit in my nightmares; Go; I give, you take; I break when we'...

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8. Verify Your Worth

Welcome back user; 1-7-3-5-9; To continue with your content; Please substantiate your worth; By answering the following; Gender; Height; Weight; Relationship status; List of medications; Social class;...

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9. Violent Minds

I can't get through; Unless it's you; We'll be alright; With our violent minds; And I can't let go from your tortured soul; (It's you daddy); It's you daddy; You pull my wires; You fuel the fire; It's...

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10. White Lies

No way you gain love without pain; You're falling let me go; You let me be my fantasy; Then left with my heart and soul; Oh you tell me all the time, why? And you know that you adrenalize my life; Whi...

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