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1. and Shadows Descend

Twilight filled with bitter cold; Shadows descend over the hills; The earth succumbs to night's obscurity; The moon's radiance falls heavy on the trees; Enthralled in the majesty of open nothing; I wa...

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2. Divine Abortion

Antechamber, antibeing; Antecrux, all unseeing; Antechannel, Omnibeing; Divine Abortion, dying, bleeding; Beneath the wings of angels greying; Partially stops but never staying; Carrion wounds from wo...

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3. Nightfall

As night falls; And all is cold; Your heart grows heavy; Your aura less bold; As night falls; Death becomes thy name; Death becomes the same; As night falls; As shadows cast; Emitted from the trees; S...

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4. Obsequium Funeris

Encompassing shell; We pretend to destroy what our eyes cannot see; Joyful, sweet Hell; Funeral rites for the procession of man; Thrice strikes four the bell; We pretend to cloak ourselves from within...

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5. Radiance

I am the world's abject impersonality; Embodied, disfigured, pseudo-reality; Encompassing Spectre forlorn and drained; The Martial Herald of Death estranged; I am the Seed and I am the Soil; Life cour...

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6. Sleeping Close To Death

And time stopped; And time uncloaked; Gates unlocked; Guns unloaded; Windows shattered; Crimson-splattered; Departure stopped; Arrival rots; Triangular fill; Life is nil; Descending still; Time is sti...

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7. Void

Blessed are the disciples of Fire and Earth; for they shall awaken to the Coming; Blessed are the dying and diseased; for they alone have foreseen greatness; Blessed are the depraved and corrupt; for ...

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8. Within The Master's Chambers

Born under the sunless beauty; Born into a world of hatred; Desolation in the mind's eye; Carnivorous and dejected; Wanting more in this existence; Not ready for my own fate; Destroying what little I ...

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