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1. Doncha Wanna Cum (Hangar 15)

Hit the lights sparks are flying; Waiting for tonight every day of the week; The music's loud the sound's alright; Taking the roof off Hangar Fifteen; Nobody can stop us now; Need no invitation; Hold ...

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2. Signs Of The Times

Watch for reactions; Coming up in your way; I know that look in your eye; Got a lot of things to say; Fighting distractions; Fighting out of your head; You know they're telling you lies; When they say...

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3. Stay Close Tonight

Fire of the night hold me with your lover's stare; Tell me what I wanna do like you don't care; Got me reaching out for your number; Stick around undercover; Who knows how it's gonna go; Say you'll ne...

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4. Turn On The Night

You're the princess of the night; Like an angel of the morning; When you set my heart alright; I can't hear no early warning; You've got the devil in your eyes; The power to hypnotise; I didn't see th...

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