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1. Behind The Lies

Listen, I beg you, Listen to the songs from high above; The world is a constant false empowering tears of undying love. Falling down hearing the angels whisper on a freshly wind; While they see you cr...

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2. Endless Nightmare

What Are Our Poets Talkin 'Em As They Fall? Who Met Reached Poor, Much Readed Not Read At All... So We Are Standin' Up To Call The Fight! There's No Time To Rest, But I'm Layin' Down In This Gress; Dr...

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3. Ghosts

Walkin Alone; In Serenity Talkin With Shadows, I As Breathin Feelin Surrounded By Souls; All The Smell Of Them Was Feeled By Me; I Can Feel This Is Alll I Need! Oh Yeah! Feel The Power Of Divine Trage...

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4. L.o.s.t

"A red rose absorbs all colours but red;; Red is therefore the one colour that is not. This Law, Reason, Time, Space, All limitation blinds us to truth, and grace! All that we know of Man, Nature, God...

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5. On The Road

When I Was Young; I Said To Sorrow Come, I Will Play With Thee On; He Is Near With Me All Days Long; And At All Nights Returns To Say:; Hello Mate, I'll Never Leave You Again! I Will Come Again With Y...

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6. Silent Souls

Maybe it's time to believe in what you see, But some feelings are resting in misteries. There´s no face to see ´bout the truth, It burns out by degrees, waitin´ for the doom... ; You don´t know when I...

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7. Unspeakable

Tell me the difference between the only way to live and the law! I turn to greet the dawn, friend, knowing I must face another war. But, I feel my tears in rain, Falling down to wash my sins away agai...

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