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1. Blame Me

You point your fingers at the left and the right; Got all the answers, you know what's black and what's white; Always a victim, no you're never part of the fault, no; So listen mister, why are you sta...

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2. Come To Me

Come all You thirsty; I'll give you water to drink; Come all You weary; I'll give you peace enough to sleep; Come all You people; You oppressed and harmed; Who lost your dignity; And your value in thi...

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3. Crying Out

You say that You love me; You say You're here with me; These words just ain't lifting my heart; I'm still drowning in sorrow; With words to hold on to; I need more than Your promise now; I need Your v...

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4. God of the Universe

The heavens declare Your glory; The skies show what Your hands have made; Without words they're telling a story; And no one can hide from what they say; Day by day, night by night; They tell the world...

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5. Learning to Dream

(Verse); She's a normal girl; Who changed somebody's world; She's shows everyone; Just a little love; And that's how I want to be; (Chorus); Gonna solve alot to dream; 'Cause there's something begging...

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