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1. Crescent Moon

Three days later; an uncertain contact; Reaches out for survivors; A species beyond known space; We came here to propose an offer; You'll give us all and your own planet; And in turn, we'll save you f...

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2. Judgement Of Amenti

In death, what have we achieved; A final judgement shall be by them; Undoing hopelessly late; An issue open for grand debate; Cash on the scale holds no weight; Greed, death, money, schemes: corporate...

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3. Lunar Eclipse

Threshold of extinction; Witness the new masters; The clank of steel walking forward to assume control of this plane of mortal drama; CHORUS; The less the sun shines, the more is lost; Out of sight, j...

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4. Mind Awakening

Puppeteer your mind; An endeavour to the world inside; After all you've seen; Is there a return to reality? Voyeurs of self; the secrets lie within; Created for you; By You; CHORUS; The mind is awaken...

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5. Sentinels Of Pain

Beyond they lie in wait; Threshold of withstanding; Eternal slumber; The sentinels awake; CHORUS; Sentinels of pain; Wreaking havoc in the skies; Grand sky of skullclouds; Bring an end to us all; A ne...

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6. Sycophant Gods

The gods are there; watching over the mayhemic destruction; Straggling survivors plead for mercy; Handouts are given - Just so that men will praise their lords; All in vain - The gods just want a bett...

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7. Terra Ultimatum

Momentary paralysis; superseded by reflex; Evade being crushed; By a meteor rain; A comet flies right by; CHORUS; The collapse of the universe; Planets collide and skies burst in flames; Helpless desp...

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8. The Institution

The bleakest of days; A messenger from outer space; Yet the messenger bears no hope:; A destructive form of an allotrope; Brace yourself for the demise; Chorus; Feel free to awaken; This institution b...

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