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1. Angel Of Light

The judgement day will soon come; And all the false will be run; Only the true ones shall survive; And sit on HIS left hand side; Now the time is close; Our blood for HIS glory; Our body for HIS sanct...

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2. Four Fiery Crowns

Thy wisdom is endless, boundless; Thy power beyond human sences; Thy flame burning still in Us; Oh, Crowned Princees of Hell; Chorus: Shemhamphorash!!! Salve Satanas!!! Satan, Fire, South; Lusifer, Ai...

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3. The Meeting

The Coven gathers for the black sabbath; Dressed in black capes, under the light of burning candles; Homage is paid to the four princes; And the Infernal Mighty Demons of the pit. ; The Coven gathers ...

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