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1. Aftermath (Of Mass Suicide)

Warriors... Raise your weapons to war; Fighting hard, spitting blood; Now here comes the brotherhood; Save the revolution; In the dead of the night; Invasion begins; Call of the wild, feeling strong i...

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2. Eye For An Eye

In the jungle mandu prepares to attack; He needs warriors cause revenge is screaming back; He makes contact with the nation of aranis; Their leader listens to mandu speech; We need to fight or we'll b...

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3. Juggernaut

Unmerciful destructive, unrrelenting force; Diabolic rolling wrath, malevolent curse; There's no mercy for the weak death holds their hands; Abomination drudging onward in death's path you stand; Pulv...

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4. Kamakans

Fight! I can hear their cries through the times; Memories of blood and genocide; Shameful, painful extermination; They put an end to another tribal nation; The white men decided to celebrate; Natives ...

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5. The One I Feed

You've got nothing but fear; Overflowing your soul; One side of the coin is; Lies; Greed; And evil; This fight is raging on inside of you; Compassion versus spite; It's inside every other person, too;...

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6. Trail Of Blood

Aranis, Tapuias, Cariris, Tremembés; Crateús, Potis, Ipanajés; Mandu calls the warriors of the native nations; They must be united to face the invasions; They are emerging coming from all sides; Two w...

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7. We Shall Rise

Another story of freedom denied; Mandu was killed trying to save his tribe; His legacy is alive; It is known by all those who fight; His legend survives; In the souls of those who cry; You have the po...

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