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1. Art Groupie

Speeds it. Plays it. Feels it. Sucks it. Exhibi-destro-maso-flesho; Weirdo-mother-f**ko; Art-maestro. Paintro; Jean Paul Sadre sad-istico; He bleeds! Highlight in party-night; Art-groupie-art-decor-fl...

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2. Bitchery Bay

here where the bitches grow on trees; this is where the world was built; baran muenchhausen in rubenesque castles; ordinary beauties of rubenesque architecture; welcome to paradise bay; this is bitche...

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3. Blood Surfer City

Few years from now; A man in black; Had god?s serial no. 2205; Was a perfect creation; Had a little thing/ about surfers; Deeply in hate/ with posers surfers; At beach of Venice; In land of beautiful ...

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4. Born Bad & Sliced

Violent baby, ruthless pig; Rubenesque monster; Eternal beyondster hipster, I am; Breed of the bad; Hipster-monster born bad, I was; And my mother was not sad; When she said; This one?s born bad; Bad!...

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5. Death Don't Dance With Me

Death don't dance with me; No! Look me straight into my eyes; Hit and shoot me right into my heart; Don't play chess - I'm bad in it; Kill the king straight by your heart; Don't play a-round in tactic...

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6. Hellatio

This is. Just: no-no?s; An important messages; On the door; To my dressing room; To my heart. Soul. Myself; To my castle. My world; It reads:; Mr. Devil rings the bell; Not with me! Go die in hell; (H...

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7. Jesus Killing Machine

Jesus Christ-army returns; In a giant slot machinery; Sends an ugly mission from heaven; Down like an a science-fiction-film; Full of crippled scenes; The galaxy it bleeds... Falsified and sliced by c...

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8. Killer Patrol

Here we come; And this is not a song written by Anthony Burgess! We are yupscumhater- violent- gang- stars; We invent our sins! Hate hip climbers - shoot them like birds! Freefallers and skydivers, fa...

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9. Metallized Kids

Ice-camp 2000; ?-civilized madcops; Teach the world to sink; Smash their pc-neck-extension; With robot-virus-anastasia; And rollercoaster militia; Against our hearts and clearclean souls; Humachinery ...

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10. My Game Is Dracula

Me- i'm a present in glitter-poison; Cyanide-zyanit-dictator; Like in a science-fiction-book; Please visit me and feed my rage in hell; Welcome to my castle; I'm an ego-mania-devil-killer; I dive to h...

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11. Ringleader

I hollow "yes", i saw them; I swallowed them my "hello"; Before they horsled and dazzled m; But i let them not use me; Ringleader - career bleeder; I move like a mole; Sniff around their necks; I holl...

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12. Voodoocult

The world is a strangler; Life is the strang; Time is the judge; The hangman is death; So. Suck life, evil! It?s though and sleazy. Never easy; If there?s romance it?s noisy and sleazy; If there?s lov...

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