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1. Body & Soul

I believe I can't fall, can't fall no way; If their grip should pull me off track I'll be running right back; There's been times when I have tried but I'd hide in shame; Now I'm shifting through all s...

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2. Doing Me Wrong

I ask you when you're home,you ask me I'm not there; These feelings ain't my own cos others say i'm not mad; What am I to do I'm hanging on a wire; Playing like a fool, what am I to do? Please say tha...

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3. Killer

Preaching all of your stories, deception is your vice; Giving up your secrets, breaking too many lives; Pictures of your victims falling, take them by surprise; Fantasies in your mind start calling, a...

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4. Like The Others

Won't you take what you will what you want, don't leave no change; I want to be cut to the hilt to my bone and feel no pain; What I want, what I need; Just you to come back; All I wanna say is that my...

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5. Live Again

She was playing with a message, that others would not play; Breaking sticks ain't burning bridges; but they burn up just the same; She lied to you all, lied to you all; You smash down all these walls ...

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6. Long Way From Home

Keep trying to get free, get free; Don't seem to let me, let me; Been trying to find me some place, some place where; I can get some air; I'm a long way from home, that's why I'm here; I'm a long way ...

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7. Mountain

Seems the more I have the more I want; I can't get enough; Branded all my life for things I've done; Now I'm unloading; You take me high, you make it right all the time; You take me high, you make it ...

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8. Something For You

He's the man with the master plan, nobody can avoid; He's out at night cutiing throats of those who only caught his eye; A prince dripping in treasue, a man of rocks and chains; Main keeper of pleasur...

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9. Take Aim

Dripping dry ain't getting you nowhere, seems about time you're dishing out your share; Lucky me in this desert soaked in wine, lucky you with the pleasure that's all mine; Now you're raising your han...

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10. Take The Blame

Create your world my Mother said when I was young; Mislead by faith and human kindness all in one, am I the one? Where I'll be tomorrow I don't care; Loneliness I'll borrow, another cross to bear; You...

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11. Underneath My Skin

Don't know where I'm going, but I'll know it when I get there; Took a dream to show me then I left it all behind; The vision of knowing, to get there you'll need it; Don't stray from your pathway you'...

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